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Important terms that you should know when it comes to disorders of the mind and mood.

Copyright, Kregel Publication (2005) From Broken Minds Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It,  See the appendix.

1. Delusions - A false fixed belief that makes incorrect inferences about external reality. This belief is steadfastly maintained in spite of contrary evidence.  
  •   Delusions of grandeur - involve incorrect perceptions of the self (inflating personal power or knowledge or relationship to deity).  This often   occurs in the manic phase of bipolar disorder.
  •   Delusions of reference -
    A delusion of reference makes a false inference about objects or people surrounding the person with the delusion. A car pulling to the side of the road may trigger a flight response off the highway. The sound of clapping hands can be interpreted as a cue to introduce himself or herself
  •  Erotica delusions revolve around another person, usually famous, who is thought to be in love with the individual experiencing the delusions
  •  Persecutory delusions
  • Somatic delusions. that one's body is sick or has a disease.

2. Depression - Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness . People tend to characterize themselves as “depressed” if they feel “down” or “sad.” In the social sciences and medicine, clinical depression describes a more profound and life-challenging state of mind. In many cases, the depressed individual has a lack of energy and motivation. Sometimes physical symptoms such as slow movement and speech are also present. Depression is described as “exogenous” (caused by identifiable life stresses) and “endogenous” (without identifiable environmental stress causes). See also major depressive disorder.
3. Depersonalization- A feeling associated with anxiety disorders that one is becoming unreal or is separated from their own body or thoughts. Sometimes it is likened to a dream state or a looking at one’s actions in kaleidoscope fashion,

4.. Derealization -A dreamlike feeling associated with anxiety disorders that the observable world and its experiences are strange or not real. For example, the world seems to be slowing down or reality is viewed as in a fog or from the inside of a fishbowl. 

5.  Demoralize -It means; "to deprive (a person or persons) of spirit, courage, discipline,  to destroy the morale of someone or some group  of people" (Merriam Webster).

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Persecuted Church, The very hairs of your head are numbered

Jun. 16, 2017 | Uganda

Matthew 10:28-32 "Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows. Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven."

In the above passage of Scripture we have a command for the believer in Christ to not be afraid of persecutors who deliberately are destroying those who are born again Christians.
 With assistance from VOM, Moses will be able to support his family with a small carpentry business.

 Jun. 16, 2017 | Uganda

Pray for Moses, Facing Persecution from Muslim Family and Friends

 Moses, who recently left Islam to follow Jesus, has faced repeated persecution since his conversion. His family kicked him off their property and denied him access to his own land, Muslim friends rejected him and prevented him from working in his carpentry workshop, and local Muslims killed a cow he was caring for and even threatened to kill him. With VOM’s support, Moses is further developing his carpentry skills so he can continue to support himself. Pray that Moses will grow in faith and that his carpentry business will be successful. Also pray for the restoration of relationships with family and friends.

 Jun. 16, 2017 | India

Pray for Six Christians Arrested on False Charges

Six Christian leaders were arrested on May 10 as they conducted an open air gathering in Mau, Uttar Pradesh.
 A local Hindu political leader reportedly bribed the police to have them arrested after area Hindus claimed the men were coercing people to convert to Christianity. The Christian men and their families have been mistreated by their Hindu neighbors in the past, being turned away from village activities and community marriage celebrations.
 The six men were reportedly released from jail and are awaiting their court dates. Pray that the men and their families will continue to share Christ’s love with their community, including those who have persecuted them. Pray that many Hindus will come to know Jesus as a result of their example and that the charges against them will be dropped.

The Christians appeared before the court
The Christians appeared before the court
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